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April 29, 2011
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All bow before the Duchess::. by 3MadHatterAlice3 All bow before the Duchess::. by 3MadHatterAlice3
So, I slept through my alarm clock two mornings ago, thus missing the buss...

And at first I was all, "Aaahhhh D8"

But, I got over that after I realized I had no ride and saw this huge arse mysterious scratch on my chin...

Then I was all, "Oh well..... I'm going to edit all 9 incarnations of my Doctor Who oc, Duchess" as I nodded to myself like a creep.


And I did :iconcooltrollplz:



Name: Callistasekrtumaderona [ca-list-ah-se-crew-too-ma-dare-ona]
Other Aliases:
-The Duchess (chosen title)
-Callista Roumen [ca-list-ah row-men] (first human disguise (incarnations 1-3))
-Callista Smith (second human disguise (incarnations 4-8))
-"Calli" (by Landon)
-"Duchy" [dutch-ee] (by the Doctor and the Master)
Species: Gallifreyan (Time Lady)
Home Planet: Gallifrey
Academic Studies: Time Lord Academy (age 8 and up)
Major Love Interest(s):
- ~confidential~
- Landon Pond
Minor/Brief Love Interest(s):
-The Doctor (5th)
-Charles Lindbergh
-Harry Houdini
Eye Color: Always Blue
Incarnations of the Duchess (specific-y details):

Incarnation (appearances age)

1st (Birth-Late Twenties)
-Living on Gallifrey
-Has long, light brunette, braided hair
-Has Freckles
-Falls in love with [CENSOR] :icontrollfaceplz:

2nd (Late Twenties-Early Thirties)
-Starts Traveling in her parents TARDIS
-Has shorter, bleach blond hair
-Most devious/evil of her incarnations

3rd (Late Twenties-Early Thirties)
-Companion of the 5th Doctor
-Has long, darker "ginger" hair (much to the Doctor's jealousy)
-Has freckles
-Smartest of her incarnations

4th (Late Teens-Early Twenties)
-Travels around the early 1900's alone
-Has long, black hair
-Gains a more carefree/fun personality trait
-Only tan incarnation and the most wild one
-Wears a carrot on her jacket as a homage to 5

5th (Late Teens-Early Twenties)
-Travels farther back into the middle 1800's
-Has shorter, dark brunette hair
-Becomes a bit of a "cute" flirt

6th (Late Twenties-Early Thirties)
-Returns to Gallifrey after receiving a summons from her father
-Has medium length, dirty blond hair
-Has freckles
-Doesn't agree with the Time Lords way of solving problems

7th (Early Twenties)
-Her shortest used form (barely a week)
-Crash lands in 1930 after fleeing the Last Great Time War
-Meets Landon Pond, who becomes her very first companion
-Has short, light "ginger" hair, glasses and freckles
-Weakest (physically) of her incarnations, but that doesn't mean her attitude went away
-Regenerates in front of Landon not long after they meet

8th (Late Twenties-Elderly)
-Travels all over for almost 3 years with Landon
-Has medium length brunette hair
-Transfers most (not all) of her Time Lady consciousness and memories into a Fob Watch becoming human
-[Trololol secret stuff happens, that can probably be figured out easily]

9th (Twenties)
-Joins the 11th Doctor after she ends her short, little emo-y phase [because she thinks she's a failure o A o ]
-Wears a scarf resembling the 4th Doctor's as another homage
-Acquires a pair of "brainy specs"

Reasons for Regenerations:
#1 - Badly crashes her TARDIS
#2 - Shot by a Dalek while her back was turned
#3 - Suffered the consequences after coming into contact with unrefined spectrox
#4 - Catches Pneumonia
#5 - Victim of one of Houdini's earlier tricks gone wrong
#6 - Most likely a result of fighting in and fleeing the Last Great Time War
#7 - Unhappy with the small body, selfishly changes herself
#8 - Very elderly, takes back her Time Lady consciousness
#9 - ??


That turned out to be really long... :iconderpplz:
Oh well~~ C':


The Duchess/Callista, Landon Pond (c) Me~
Doctor Who and all its wondrous glory (c) BBC
Some of the outfit designs (c) :iconmeago:
Base by - :iconkjbases: [link]
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EhX-KoR Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013  Student General Artist
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3MadHatterAlice3 Featured By Owner May 2, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no one touches the specs, dude. they are almighty! <33 x//DDD i'll definitely have to edit those sometime on her C': :heart:
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